Author of  curmudgeonreport.com but here I explore how to develop an unsubsidized roof garden for veggies and pleasure.

 Green thumb?  Well, I married one but the decision to put this garden together is something only I can be blamed for.  Fortunately, we both enjoy the gardening and the produce.

Along the way, I’ve come to feel that green roofs are being hyped out of all proportion to their minuscule effect on the environment.  All the rosy claims are based, like climate change, on models, calculations and projections over all of the city, no matter how impractical that would be.  Figures lie and liars figure.

Such hype is being  translated into projects, bylaws, taxes and incentives that pleases the green voting block but penalizes ordinary taxpayers and citizens who ultimately foot the quite expensive bill.  I explored this topic in Green Roof–Black Hole so I won’t dwell on it here.  Much!

Instead, this blog will try to encourage you and others to develop your green roof ideas in a way that depends not on subsidy but on ingenuity and the use of found materials as much as possible..  There are issues in using recycled materials and that’s what I intend to explore and solve here.

Please feel free to stay and wander around, just as if you were in your own garden and to leave your thoughts and stories for others.

Bob the GreenTop veggie roofer



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