Ain’t Pretty, But Its Tasty

Adventures of a curmudgeon who fell for the idea of a green roof.

Always loved growing / eating veggies and fruit.  When we moved here, the roof was either going to be ignored or used.  I couldn’t resist.  We started with a dozen containers and it just grew from there.  Over a hundred now, a dozen years later.  Irrigation, rainwater, the whole works.

Nothing fancy though.  Frugal is my mibble name.  If you have a flattish roof available, you can do it too.

Lets start with a tour

So seedless/sweet the birds love em.

Stealthy grapes snuk up the back wall!

Solar water heater in foreground
Solar water heater in foreground


Rice Paddy!
Rice Paddy!
Beanery at front (south)
Beanery at front (south)

I’ll add more pics as I go along, especially when something juicy appears or to show how we deal with problems.

Speaking of problems, don’t fret too much even though care is needed when you start out on your own adventure.  Of course, your roof is supposed to keep the rain out, it’s expensive to replace and the structure must be respected.  That said, there’s a solution to everything.  All in due course.

Or I’ll just go with whatever questions or comments my arise.  Fire away.



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